Could Child Beauty Pageants Be Banned In The Usa?

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Your wardrobe kit should contain a collapsable hanger, a mini accessory kit, a lint brush, a small sewing kit, safety pins, a box of topstick tape for emergency fixes, small utility scissors, a shoe rag or brush and an antistatic spray. Toss all your solution bags into your favorite tote. Be a quick-change artist. Learn how to do a costume and quick hair change, and apply daytime makeup that can be ramped up for that after-five sultry look. It can be as easy as adding heels, applying lipstick, popping your eyes by adding a smoldering smudge of thicker, darker or possibly colored eye liner or mascara and a quick lash curl. Let down that hair knot, spray a blast of dry shampoo, rake thru with your fingers, find a dramatic side, middle or messy parting, add a hairpin to hold, and presto! You’re differently gorgeous, no matter what your hair type or style. Remember to accessorize.

6 Tips for Stress-Free, Efficient Beauty On the Run

In today’s wired world, however, anyone anywhere in the country inspired by watching the TV shows can get on the Internet and find out where to buy the best dress and accessories, get coaching on Skype and find a competition. Fans of pageants point to the poise, presence and confidence that participants (both girls and boys) gain, as well as the parent-child bonding, says Cartwright. For those who enjoy the dress-up factor for their daughters but in a less overdone setting, many turn to so-called “natural” pageants that restrict “the glitz, makeup and risque dresses,” she says. Anna Berry of Littleton, Colo., cites numerous benefits for her daughter Ashley, 14, who was once “so shy she wouldn’t order food for herself at a restaurant.” Since getting involved with “natural” pageants four years ago, she has developed “self-confidence, self-esteem, come out of her shell, and made great new friendships,” says Berry. Many pageants also highlight academic performance and volunteer service, so Ashley’s achievements in those areas, especially her work as an anti-bullying advocate, have also been encouraged, Berry says. The potential for scholarship money is another plus, says Stephanie Warren, a self-described “pageant girl-turned-pageant director-turned pageant mom” in La Grange, Ky. Her daughter, Alexis, 7, has already earned $2,500 toward her college education via natural pageant competitions.

Beauty Police: Brooke Shields Proves She’s Ready for Battle with Her Built-In Hair Helmet

Brooke Shields

We think Brooke would have looked gorgeous in a pigment-rich rose colored-lipstick like Lipstick Queen Sinner in Rose . We would have started by lining her lips with a flesh-colored lip liner and then applying the lipstick with a lip brush. Brooke, we hope you know we wrote this because we love you. You’re one of the great beauties of our time and we refuse to let you throw in the towel and start wearing aging makeup and hair helmets just because you’re getting close to 50. Look at Sophia Loren! She’s still rocking sexy cat eyes and bombshell curls and she’s almost 80! We’re not saying you need to bring back Blue Lagoon Brooke, but just try and remember you’re not in the AARP quite yet.


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