Why I Got The Male Brazilian Wax

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Ramon Padilla, U.S. director of Strip Ministry of Waxing told Refinery 29 why things have changed. “I think that one of the reasons why we don’t hear about Brazilian waxing as much these days is that it has become routine, a de riguer part of the beauty regimen of many women in New York City and other major cities throughout the U.S.” Sounds like the Brazilian is old beauty news. “The service itself is not as ‘news-worthy’ as it once was 10 years ago – although it’s still considered to be the new hot thing in some cities around the world,” Padilla explained. Jessica Coba, CEO of European Wax Center agreed with Padilla and said,. “Brazilians are definitely not going out of style, they are still are one of European Wax Center’s most requested services.” Now lets shall we say, strip away the mystery. What exactly is a Brazilian wax? “Everyone has a different definition of Brazilian,” Coba said. “At EWC, our meaning of a Brazilian is guests can do as much or little as they want in the front, but it also includes the back area – meaning the butt strip.” It’s clear the Brazilian is now a beauty staple.

No Brazilian wax, no job: Pittsburgh spa allegedly fires woman for refusing to get waxed

The European Wax Center did not wish to chime in on the controversy when the Daily News asked for its perspective.

The pain was sharp but tolerable. Men come to me all the time, Irena said nonchalantly. At first it was the gays, then the straights, for the chest and the back. But now, many straight men come to me for the full Brazilian. To discuss male Brazilian waxing today feels like a throwback to the luxurious pre-recession days, when Newsweek claimed to have pounced on the burgeoning trend (not long after, Rebecca Traister wrote a response piece for Salon). The following year and one week after Steve Carells chest-waxing scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin hit theaters USA Today announced : The male resistance to waxing is melting away. Then, in the November 2007 issue of Vanity Fair, Christopher Hitchens offered the coup de grace, a personal essay about receiving a Brazilian as part of a self-improvement series. It seemed to imply that the straight male version had officially gone mainstream, and that men had become subject to the same exacting beauty standards as women.

Brazilian wax, anyone? Let’s weigh the pros and cons

The center allegedly forces employees to get a Brazilian wax from coworkers as part of its training process. Related Stories Kansas teenager, 14, murdered mom and sister by setting fire to family home: cops A spa employee claims she got fired for refusing to let her coworkers wax off her pubic hair. Jennifer Finley, 35, filed a lawsuit against the European Wax Center in Pittsburgh for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, gender discrimination and retaliation. No woman should be forced to have a Brazilian wax against her will and certainly no one should be fired for refusing to have one, Finley told the Daily News. Finley knew she would need to perform Brazilian waxes, the complete removal of the hair down there. But she says she felt humiliated last October when she was told it is a mandatory part of the salon’s training. RELATED: PUBIC HAIR WAXING MAY LEAD TO SPREAD OF SKIN VIRUS: RESEARCHERS Finley did not want her coworkers to see or “touch her anus and genitalia,” according to the complaint. “She did not feel comfortable receiving the procedure, particularly by her coworkers,” her attorney Vincent J. Mersich reiterated.

Ew. While you chew on that, lets look at pros and cons. PROS: Skin will be smooth and hair-free for several weeks You get that brand-new, fresh out of the box vagina feeling CONS: Regrowth can be itchy and uncomfortable Skin damage There is risk of infection from double dipping wax Im still not convinced I should get a Brazilian wax. Maybe this is one of those things you just have to try and see for yourself. If waxing was that terrible, there wouldnt be nearly 60 percent of American women between the ages of 18 and 24 getting waxed down there in some way. 60%? Wow.


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