Why I Got The Male Brazilian Wax

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Orsuto estimated that bikini waxing brought in about $90,000 last year. That’s a substantial amount of business for her salon, which performed about 1,800 treatments most of which were Brazilian-style. “We were panicking,” she said. Copyright 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Posted E-mail | Print | To report corrections and clarifications, contact Reader Editor Brent Jones . For publication consideration in the newspaper, send comments to letters@usatoday.com .

My first Brazilian wax

I shoot him dagger eyes for his joking that he knows very well is sexist and meant to get a rise out of me. Another friend told me she wanted to smack me three ways from Sunday for even making the appointment, saying the politics of the waxing down there were anti-feminist and offensive. If so, then why do so many women still do it? In the waiting room none of the many women look like porn stars. Two women in business suits sit near the window, one talking on her BlackBerry and another typing on her phone.

But now, many straight men come to me for the full Brazilian. To discuss male Brazilian waxing today feels like a throwback to the luxurious pre-recession days, when Newsweek claimed to have pounced on the burgeoning trend (not long after, Rebecca Traister wrote a response piece for Salon). The following year and one week after Steve Carells chest-waxing scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin hit theaters USA Today announced : The male resistance to waxing is melting away. Then, in the November 2007 issue of Vanity Fair, Christopher Hitchens offered the coup de grace, a personal essay about receiving a Brazilian as part of a self-improvement series. It seemed to imply that the straight male version had officially gone mainstream, and that men had become subject to the same exacting beauty standards as women. But recently, when I asked my male friends if theyd ever gotten a Brazilian, they were, in a word, appalled. They became almost angry at my suggestion that it had ever been a trend. Casual manscaping they understood, but why would any sane bro undergo a Brozilian? I didnt http://brazilianwaxy.com/ understand it either. So shortly after meeting Irena, I stopped by the J Sisters salon in midtown Manhattan.

Brazilian Waxing Could Increase STI Risk, Research Finds

— Jennifer was so upset. On her first day of training at the European — — on McKnight road Jennifer — — finance petition. Says her trainer told a group of women they were required to perform — silky hair removal. On each other. — Brazilian is win all of a person’s pubic hair is removed with warm wax basically she was asked to — her most private parts to her co workers.

Brazilian Wax at Center of Employee Lawsuit

And you also run a risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infection. “Once the hair is ripped out, the skin is actually damaged for a while until it heals,” she explains. “Anything can get in there.” That risk is upped for Brazilian waxes, as the skin area in the back, in particular, is near a lot of bacteria. Different states have different licensing procedures for waxing, so check yours out ahead of time to make sure the salon complies (also ask if your waxer has received special training in the Brazilian technique, if applicable). And keep an eye out for fishy procedures — like double dipping, or placing a wax stick back into the communal bowl after it has already touched your skin (imagine getting a brow wax after someone else’s bikini wax).


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