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As a woman’s most loathed part of her beauty regime, depilation – be it by shaving, waxing, or threading – is something we’d all rather not spend our precious time doing. Shaving our legs comes top of British women’s most hated beauty chores, according to a new poll, and over a lifetime we spend almost two months carrying out the dreaded task. For years the only ways if removing hair for good have been through painful and expensive electrolysis and lasers. But now a new serum claims to do the same job for a fraction of the price and none of the pain. This new serum, priced at 29.99, claims to reduce the density and prominence of body hair The serum, inhibitif, claims to reduce the prominence and density of body hair over just eight full brazilian laser hair removal reviews weeks. Rather than a hair-removal cream, it stunts future hair growth by targeting it with inhibiting ingredients after it’s already been removed by wax or razor. Made with a high concentration of hair growth prevention ingredients, the formula uses three mechanisms to stunt growth of unwanted hair – unlike most creams and serums which have only one. Mrs Carter’s costumes: Pucci releases sketches of Beyonce’s blinging world tour outfits As a result, it is claimed many hairs never grow while using Inhibitif, while those which do grow to a lesser degree. This action reduces the apparent amount of hairs, and impairs overall hair quality, minimising the need for hair removal. The serum also aids painful ingrown hairs by reducing and soothes this problem.

Ethos Spa and Laser Center Adds Laser Hair Removal to Treat Pseudofolliculitis and Hirsutism in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Results Waxing leaves skin smooth for up to two weeks. Hair grows back much finer and softer after a waxing. Laser hair removal leaves skin smooth for extended periods of time. The amount of time between growth periods varies from client to client. But most clients can get by with a retouch every six months to a year.

Ideal Image Debuts New Laser Hair Removal Center in Grand Rapids

“We respect and appreciate that our guests take on the responsibility of treatment programs that may extend for as much as several months with as many as 5-9 sessions,” said Jim Rush, National Sales Director for Ideal Image. “In return, we devote the full attention necessary to ensure completely individualized care for every guest we receive, and value the personal nature of each relationship.” Technology in the laser hair removal industry is evolving quickly and demands constant focus to stay abreast of the latest development. Ideal Image steadfastly monitors for relevant new studies and evaluates each for the merits they introduce to the field. When an appealing new method or tool is identified for adoption, Ideal Image safeguards through its policy to use only FDA approved equipment. Ideal Image was featured for the second time on Lifetime Television’s “The Balancing Act,” as part of the show’s Mission Makeover health and wellness series. Here, women received custom consultations for their individual hair and skin types and were treated to the latest procedures in laser hair removal . If you have any questions about the laser hair removal process, the team of professionals at these locations will be happy to fully explain the laser hair removal process and the benefits it can offer. To learn more about Ideal Image and its newest locations, please visit . About Ideal Image: Ideal Image is a leader in laser hair removal and uses advanced techniques for permanent hair reduction at locations nationwide.

Inhibitif claims to slow down and reduce hair growth over eight weeks

Things like evacuators, which are heavy-duty suction machines, and certain kinds of masks can filter out most of the substances, but some still escape into the air. And not all medical practices use these devices for standard laser hair removal. Dr. Elizabeth Hale, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the NYU School of Medicine, who practices at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York , already uses smoke evacuators and surgical masks during laser hair removal procedures, but hopes the industry provides better options. “None of it is perfect right now. I’m assuming there’s going to be a move toward getting better filtration masks, but obviously they’re more expensive and not readily available,” she said. She also hopes the onus is put on the laser manufacturers to provide smoke evacuators in the future as part of the purchase of a laser.

Breaking: The Hidden Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

You can also buy products designed to tackle specific areas of the body – face, legs, bikini line – plus lotions designed for people with sensitive skin. Cons: They are quite messy to apply and generally smell pretty awful. They work by dissolving the hairs rather than tackling them at the root, so you won’t usually get the same soft re-growth you get with wax. Our tips Always carry out a patch test first to make sure that your skin is not allergic to the product. When applying a cream or lotion, gently smooth over the area in question, never rub. Read the instructions carefully and always make sure you don’t leave your product on for longer than the designated time. Lasers Pros: After a few sessions, most people experience a drastic reduction in re-growth. This is the most permanent method of hair removal.

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There is no downtime after a laser hair removal treatment, and normal activities can be resumed immediately following treatments. The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient, and is based on hair color and type, body area, and skin tone. During your initial consultation, Ethos Spa consultants create a personalized treatment schedule for each patient, for optimum results. The Ethos Spa and Laser Centers also offer other options for laser hair removal, including: 810 nm Diode Laser by Syneron safe and incredibly effective for the removal of hair on individuals with lighter skin types. 1064 nm Nd:YAG Laser is an advanced laser system that is commonly used for the hair removal on patients with darker skin types. Candela GentleLase Alexandrite Laser is one of the most popular laser hair removal treatments, as provides the longest-term results, and is effective on virtually all skin types. For more information on laser hair removal or any of the expert aesthetic services available at the Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center, visit the Ethos Spa website, call the Summit location at (908) 273-5400, or call the Englewood location at (201) 541-6600. About Hardik Soni, M.D.


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