Breaking: The Hidden Dangers Of Laser Hair Removal

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Kim set to keep up with the hair removal

Woman feeling smooth skin

Pictures of the reality TV star give the impression that she has had her hairline adjusted with the help of Laser Hair Removal. Asim Shahmalak, a Manchester-based hair loss expert, told the UKs Channel 4 TV show Embarrassing Bodies that Ms Kardashian certainly appeared to have had a layer of fine baby hair removed from her forehead. Such treatments are common, Dr Shahmalak said, with about 10 per cent of women undergoing Laser Hair Removal to the face, most often on their chin or upper lip. He added that it could take between four and six sessions of Laser Hair Removal for the hair to be removed permanently. He said: It is a relatively straightforward treatment that can be done in the lunch hour with very quick recovery time. The key is to catch the hair follicle throughout all of its growth cycles, Dr Shahmalak concluded.

Things like evacuators, which are heavy-duty suction machines, and certain kinds of masks can filter out most of the substances, but some still escape into the air. And not all medical practices use these devices for standard laser hair removal. Dr. Elizabeth Hale, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the NYU School of Medicine, who practices at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York , already uses smoke evacuators and surgical masks during laser hair removal procedures, but hopes the industry provides better options. “None of it is perfect right now.

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Nonlaser Hair Removal Techniques

He said this can be done temporarily by waxing or more permanently through laser removal. Dr Shahmalak, from the Crown Clinic hair transplant centre in Manchester, agreed: ‘It is very likely that Kim Kardashian has had the baby hairs around hairline removed. Kim, pictured here in 2007 and 2008, has transformed her hairline over the years and experts claim that she has undergone laser hair removal ‘This can be done by waxing – a similar procedure to how women remove hair from their legs or bikini line. ‘But it is more likely that Kim has opted for laser surgery, a more permanent form of removal.’ Dr Shahmalak, Britain’s leading hair transplant surgeon specialises in female hair treatments and is the first surgeon in the UK to perform an EYELASH transplant. He added that around 10% of women have facial hair removal – most commonly on the upper lip and chin. But hair removal around the hairline as may have happened to Kim is much rarer. He said the procedure was still fairly uncommon but publicity around celebrities was sure to increase demand because many women would have been previously unaware that there was a solution to the problem. He explained: ‘This kind of procedure around the hairline is much less common. Obviously some women – particularly celebrities – are very sensitive about their appearances and may feel hair growth in this area is a little unfeminine.’ The baby hair can be removed permanently in around four to six laser surgery sessions lasting around 30 minutes to an hour each time.

How facial hair removal keeps Kim Kardashian young (let’s hope Kanye doesn’t ban lasers too)

On Monday Kim Kardashian was in New York with her sister Kendall Jenner

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